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Bathers At Asnieres

This was seurats first painting exhibited at newly created society of independent artists.

Bathers at asnieres. In 1924 lucien pissarro the eldest son of impressionist camille pissarro convinced the owner of bathers to sell his painting to the. Bathers at asnieres bridge at courbevoie circus sideshow clothes on the grass. This large picture was seurats first major composition painted when he had not yet turned 25. Bathers at asnieres french.

Unlike other sketches which concentrate on atmospheric effects or. Analysis of bathers at asnieres by georges seurat bathers at asnieres was seurats first major canvas. He intended it to be a grand statement with. Bathers at asnieres is proudly on display in london.

Georges seurat study for bathers at asnieres. It measures 2 metres high by 3 metres wide and it shows a group of working men on their day off. Bathers at asnieres french. Bathers at asnires artist georges seurat year 1884 medium oil on canvas location national gallery london dimensions 79 in 118 in 201 cm 300 cm bathers at asnieres is one of the large scale compositions by georges seurat.

Read about this painting learn the key facts and zoom in to discover more. Bathers at asnieres188443. When he submitted it to the salon of 1884 it is unlikely that its rejection took him by surprise. The canvas is of a suburban placid parisian riverside scene.

Read about this painting learn the key facts and zoom in to discover more. Georges seurat bathers at asnieres. Study for bathers at asnieres horses in the water la chahut le bec du hoc grandcamp moored boats and trees seascape at port en bessin normandy study for a sunday on. The only subjects deemed appropriate for such a large painting at the time were religious.

Une baignade asnieres is an 1884 oil on canvas painting by the french artist georges pierre seurat the first of his two masterpieces on the monumental scale.