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Healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Some swear by it while others hate it completely.

Healthy indian vegetarian recipes. In india many households prepare vegetarian dishes but the old tradition of too many spices oils and fats continue making. Fluff the quinoa with a fork and add it to the pan. Most of my recipes in this section use vegetarian pantry staples like vegetables grains spices and herbs. Widely used in vegetarian indian recipes it is a blend of cinnamon mace peppercorn coriander seeds cumin seeds and cardamom pods.

There are many mixed opinions when one talks about vegetarian recipes and the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet. Healthy indian weight loss breakfast 5. Protein rich paneer stuffed moong dal chilla indian breakfast 2. If you like spicy food increase the amount of crushed red pepper.

An indian dish with plenty of flavour saag paneer is a well loved vegetarian side dish. Garam masala a spice mixture. 1 peanut cucumber salad coconut milk rasam malabar spinach chutney and rice there is no need to do any prep work for this meal. By eatingwell test kitchen.

Stir fry for 4 5 minutes. Many of the staunch vegetarians believe in the fact that it is a better way to live a healthy life. Serve with steamed brown rice for a healthier take on a classic takeout dish. In a saucepan add the quinoa and water and let it cook.

In another pan heat the ghee and add crushed coriander seeds cumin powder chopped red chili kashmiri red chili turmeric corn and black beans. High protein tangy black chana chaat weight loss indian breakfast 3. Here you will find many popular authentic veg recipes from indian cuisine like biryani pulao palak paneer aloo gobi samosa malai kofta and naan to name a few. Collection of over 800 indian vegetarian recipes.

They are roasted to release their flavor and aroma and then ground together to create this spice blend. Healthy indian breakfast for weight loss protein rich veg recipes 1. Appetizing healthy indian vegetarian recipes welcome to my blog i am absolutely elated to see you here also really glad to share our common bond for great food i am happy to share appetizing healthy indian vegetarian recipes which are simple to prepare hard for your taste buds to ignore.